Metadoxa.com is focused on one question:

“How do I improve health & fitness?”

Website Organization

Email Sign-Up.  I periodically provide email updates on what I’m up to and highlights of information I find particularly interesting.  My goal for my emails is to keep the brain power commitment low enough for people like my wife. My wife is smarter than I am and she is a believer in health and fitness but she does not want to spend limited time and energy reading about the nuances of the Krebs cycle.

Notes. The notes are peeks behind the curtain at the sausage making. I wouldn’t recommend them unless you’re like me and really enjoy geeking out on physiology. The notes are in various stages of development, which means they are not always easy to follow. The notes are posted because I believe there is opportunity in openly sharing information. The notes page also has an archive of the blog posts from the first year of the site (May 2013 – May 2014).

People. While there are still many, many unknowns about health and fitness, there are also a lot of intelligent people working on the same questions. The “people” page has a list of individuals pushing the boundaries and providing me with ideas and inspiration.